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The End-2-End system is designed for a movie content preparation (encoding), storage, balancing the load, streaming and protection. Our robust segment streaming and buffering SW enables you to deliver the content even through lower quality Internet networks.

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VIdeo On Demand

It is a web based Middleware which secures the management of the VOD content and also presnts the user interface for an access to the VOD from the client’s device (set-top box). Thanks to a large numbers of devices, it is possible to scale the application on more than just one server. It contains billing connector module,

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Studio Production

Located in Secaucuss NJ (25 minutes from Manhattan), our new 15,000 square foot production facility has been serving clients worldwide since 2017. Our facilities are fully equipped with the latest technology, hotel-style amenities, luxurious green rooms, and staffed by experienced production professionals. Whether you hire our production team or bring your own crew, our high-definition studios are ready for your next project.

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Hospitality IPTV Solution

IPTV brings the hotel operator most flexible way to expand guests entertainment to higher level – combined with unprecented up and cross-sell opportunities. Take advantage of Antik End-to-End Hospitality IPTV System and upgrade your hotel, hospital, appartment complex or cruise ship.

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MG is all about innovating solutions through the latest in technology to increase business efficiency and streamline operations. We deliver tangible solutions that supports needs of almost all quarters and dimensions. About IP TV Application Solutions bringing technology to the fingertips, MG has been a leading solutions provider for IPTV/ OTT/ VOD services, serving a wide range of industries. However we specialize in the Telecom &Hospitality industries Our customers are our big assets who have entrusted us with wide roles in making their business operations smooth and we have delivered with great results. A promising future with several solutions line up, MG is among the fastest growing Triple play Solution providers in GCC today.


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Juan Mart

Director Manager & Founder
Juan is responsible for managing employees and resources in pursuit of achieving specific functional or organizational goals.

Jessica Macias

Account Manager
Our accounting specialist , run our complete structure from billing system and customer side payments & advertising marketing.


Software Development Manager
His work results in anything from Transcoding & MW software to run a head end datacenter to the genius behind a complex IPTV System. he is a Software developer specialize in either applications or systems software.


Software and Web Designer
“Coon” is our Software developers creater and maintain server & hardware programs. He is creative masterminds that give us systems to run devices and computer-related tasks.
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