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IPTV Multimedia Group & AntikTech expands to New Jersey Area with Portuguese content¡±IPTV Multimedia Group (NYSE: MMG) is making good on its promise to expand its IPTV network footprint, and the launch of the service in New Jersey, Jersey City. is proof of that trend.
Available initially in select Jersey City neighborhoods, eligible customers can purchase the IPTV service as either a standalone service or as part of a triple play bundle that includes broadband Internet and phone service.
Delivered via Antik Technology, the new service features 240 all-digital channels (including HD), picture-in-picture channel surfing, instant channel change, and a connected-home DVR delivered via.
Not content to be another me-too TV service, the connected-home DVR service, a standard TDS TV service, enables customers to leverage DVR functionality and features on multiple TVs in their respective home. Users can store up to 400 hours of SD programming on the DVR.
The Jersey City launch is part of the Telco's previously set goal to bring IPTV to N.Y. and Puerto Rico markets in 2016. Since 2013 it has been delivering IPTV service for a group of private engineer to modify and make stable solution.  

Antiktech & Multimedia Group Central Ave , Jersey City NJ 07307
Office: +1 201-HIT-IPTV
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